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The Rules of Double-Up Blackjack

This game basically follows standard blackjack rules but with several important exceptions. Most notably, this new spin to the traditional game includes the so-called Double Up option that allows players to double their original wager after they are dealt their first two cards.

However, if the player chooses to double up, they must stand.

The End 16 Rule

If the dealer’s hand totals 16, hard or soft, play will automatically stop and all active wagers on the table will push (they will be returned to the players), except card totals of 21. These win against a dealer’s 16 and are paid at even money (1:1).

Note that if the dealer’s hand totals 16 and they push all player hands, double up wagers are not lost, but are pushed.

Blackjacks are paid at 3:2, while all other wins are paid at 1:1.

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